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Sandullah Epsicokhan Founder and President
Our mission is two-tiered, offering you training and solutions.

Epsico home services and business solutions can help you select and install computer systems to increase your productivity. We can advise you on selecting the right computer systems to meet your needs, and then we implement the technology so you don't have to.

We also help individuals and businesses learn more about computers by offering training and certification exams, so you can increase your knowledge base about computers, systems and software.

We provide timely information so you can make solid, cost-effective decisions as you put computers to work. We keep up with the trends, concepts and issues that affect network computing. We understand the hardware and Windows software that is popular today. We understand the Internet and how it may be of value to you.


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Epsico Inc. was founded in 1988 by Sandullah Epsicokhan and is based in Bloomington, Illinois. It began, and remains today, as a service focusing on PC consulting and education.

Mr. Epsicokhan has worked with computers for 46 years. His experience ranges from mainframes to minicomputers to today's generation of local area networks and PCs. He has worked with Microsoft Windows NT and Visual Basic from their first pre-released versions. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for Windows NT and Windows 2000, and holds a B.A. from Illinois Wesleyan University and an MBA from Illinois State University.


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